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FIRENZE: at 1 hour
Homeland of the letters and the arts, that the whole world envies us, Florence is an emblematic city that has always shown a natural propensity to poetry, painting and architecture, as well as an innate grace and elegance. The Arno divides it into two unequal parts and countless are its treasures, which speak of Dante, Giotto, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Lorenzo the Magnificent, to name only some of the characters that embellished it. From Piazza della Signoria to the Uffizi, from S. Trinità to S. Maria Novella, from the Duomo to S. Croce, everything is worth a visit. For more information:

CORTONA: at 50 minutes
The sand-colored town, enclosed by mighty Etruscan walls, releases a medieval atmosphere. To visit the two main museums: Diocesan Museum, (where important works by Luca Signorelli and Beato Angelico) and the Etruscan Academy Museum (there are important Etruscan, Roman and Egyptian collections) For further information:

AREZZO: at 30 minutes
Arezzo is a city that proudly shows its medieval face already from the city walls.

Among the most prestigious masterpieces are the "Legend of the Cross" (cycle of frescoes by Piero della Francesca, in S. Francesco), the "Crucifix" by Cimabue (Chiesa S. Domenico) and the Vasari's house. For further information:

PERUGIA: at 1 hour
The delightful Umbrian capital is nestled between the green valley of the Tiber and Lake Trasimeno. You enter the city from the arches and the Etruscan walls and immediately you are subjugated by the charm of the ancient streets, noble buildings, the churches' marble with the Guelph lion and the griffin symbol of the Palazzo dei Priori.

The Fontana Maggiore is enchanting, the frescoes by Perugino are superb, where heroes, sibyls, prophets and virtues come to life. For more information:,

These two towns are famous for their fine wines: Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano. The architecture of Montalcino, dominated by the pentagonal bulk of the Rocca with its towers, is of Sienese imprint.

Montepulciano is called "the pearl of the sixteenth century" for the numerous works of Renaissance artists

PIENZA: a 40 minuti
This town (province of Siena) stands on a hill, silent in the solitary grandeur of the Valdorcia. Wanted by the enthusiasm of its illustrious citizen Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who became Pope Pius II, symbolizes the creation of the ideal city cherished by the humanists.

Since 1996 Pienza is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, for the balance of forms and the harmony of the proportions that characterize it. For more information:

Siena: a 50 minuti
Perched on three soft hills, Siena is the city of the Palio, which twice a year (July 2 and August 16) the 17 historic districts are disputed with fury and passion to celebrate the Madonna di Provenzano. But in addition to the famous Piazza del Campo, great testimony of medieval urban harmony, we must not lose the other two "thirds" of the city, dominated respectively by the splendor of the Cathedral with its bell tower with black and white bands and S. Domenico, the imposing gothic basilica, all in bricks. For more information:

Lucignano: a 20 minuti
Characteristic medieval town characterized by numerous events that bring in view the colors and flavors of the past. Worth seeing are the Church of San Giuseppe (1470), the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Querce (1580), the church of Santissima Annunziata or della Misericordia (1582). The municipal museum where the paintings of Luca Signorelli are kept.
For more information:

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